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島津 義弘
しまづ よしひろ
Shimazu Yoshihiro
1535 - 1619

Appearances: Sengoku Musou (2), Sengoku BASARA (1,2)

Born the second son of 島津貴久 Shimazu Takahisa, younger brother of 島津義久 Shimazu Yoshihisa, and older brother of 島津歳久 Shimazu Toshihisa and 家久 Iehisa. It is believed he was the next in line of being the heir to the Shimazu clan after Yoshihisa but let him keep the position.

Yoshihiro served in many of Yoshihisa's campaigns. He and his troops were called the Oni-Shimazu. One such battle was Kizakihara during 1572 where Yoshihiro defeated 伊東義祐 Itou Yoshisuke. From there on, he fought many battles at places such as Takabaru, Mimigawa, Minamata, and Hetsugigawa. During the battle against Toyotomi in 1587, he continued fighting even when his brother had already surrendered, but he eventually submitted to the Toyotomi as well. In the end, the Toyotomi conquered Kyushu, and Yoshihisa resigned his daimyo position, which was now held by Yoshihiro. Yoshihiro would be seen participating in Toyotomi's last unification battle, the siege of Odawara.

During the Battle of Sekigahara, after Hideyoshi's death, he supported the Western Army which opposed the Eastern army commanded by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Due to differences with the Commander of the Western Army, Ishida Mitsunari, Yoshihiro decided not to listen to his plans and he and 1,500 his troops simply held their ground. Once the Western Army was nearly wiped out at Sekigahara, the untouched Shimazu army attempted to charge at Ieyasu's towering 30,000 troops.

One of his officers who was also his cousin, 島津豊久 Shimazu Toyohisa, stopped Yoshihiro and instead formulated a plan. Toyohisa conviced Yoshihiro to charge straigt through Ieyasu's troops and retreat (Sutegakari) which a certain amount of men die and defend them. It succeeded and Ii Naomasa was fataly wounded but at the cost of Toyohisa himself and much of the troops. Yoshihiro retrieved his wife and escaped back to Satsuma Province.

Tokugawa Ieyasu allowed Yoshihiro to retain his domain and let his son 島津忠恒 Shimazu Tadatsune succeed him because of how the Shimazu behaved at Sekigahara. Soon Yoshihiro retired and died in 1619.

Biography created by: Seirio