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島 左近
しま さこん
Shima Sakon
1540? - 1600

Appearances: Sengoku Musou (2), Kessen (1,3), Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

Shima Sakon, also known as Shima Tomoyuki, 島清興 Shima Kiyooki or 勝猛 Katsukatake, was the retainer of Tsutsui and Toyotomi clans. During his times with the Tsutsui, together with 松倉右近重信 Matsukura Ukon Shigenobu, they were known as the Right and Left hands of Tsutsui. After his master 筒井順慶 Tsutsui Junkei passed away in 1584, he retired, but not for long time. Later Sakon would leave Tsutsui clan and join to forces of Ishida Mitsunari, who offered an extraordinarily generous and polite proposal to Sakon. There was a saying among people, "Ishida Mitsunari doesn't deserve two things, Shima Sakon and Sawayama Castle."

Sakon was indeed the most famous warrior and strategist under Mitsunari's service and was a great help for him during the Campaign of Sekigahara, which eventually ended to defeat of Mitsunari's forces. Before the Battle of Sekigahara, Sakon quarreled with Shimazu Yoshihiro who suggested a night attack, which Sakon opposed. At the battle Sakon fought fiercely with only 1,000 men, but in the end he and his two sons were slain by rifle fire in the battlefield of Sekigahara. It's said that Sakon possesed the skills of famous Honda Tadakatsu in Sekigahara. Sakon also wielded his famous two-handed falchion.

It could be said Shima Sakon was famous, but mysterious retainer as well. His birthplace, original clan and accurate age at death for example are questionable to historians. However, legend has it that Sakon's wife and daughters were hiding during Battle of Sekigahara. Later Sakon's descendant Shima Kichijiro would build Sakon's grave to Kikawa Graveyard in 1934.

Biography created by: Lord of Wei