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柴田 勝家
しばた かついえ
Shibata Katsuie
1530 - 1583

Appearances: Sengoku Musou (2NPC)

Shibata Katsuie was born in Owari in 1530, to a rather unknown family. This Shibata was related to the Echigo Shibata, who served the Uesugi. When old enough, he joined the Oda under Nobuhide, and served him well enough to be well known in Owari. He may have served at Kanoguchi (1547), and at Azukizaka (1548), and also helped Nobunaga take Kiyosu from the Iwakura Oda in 1553. He served against the Imagawa, and may have been present at Muraki (1554), Terabe (1558), and Odaka (1559).

In 1557 he plotted with Hayashi Hidesada to make Oda Nobuyuki lord of Oda, but was found out and Hayashi, Shibata, and Nobuyuki's men were beaten at Inabugahara, a battle in which Sassa Narimasa, one of the Echizen Triumvir and lord of Etchu's father was killed at. Katsuie was allowed to live, as was the other two, but when Nobuyuki began to plot again Katsuie warned Nobunaga, who had Nobuyuki killed. Katsuie's elder sister was married to Sakuma Moritsugu, whose son Katsumasa was adopted by Katsuie, so these two Owari clans are often linked together, and after Sakuma Nobumori's dismissal, they became a retainer family of Shibata. It is probably in this point in time, 1558 or 59 that Katsuie married Oichi. Katsuie participated in Okehazama (1560), and helped fight with the Saito, which probably means he was at the battle of Moribe (1561).

In 1565 Oichi was given away to Nagamasa, and two years later Katsuie helped Nobunaga's drive into Kyoto at Sakai, where he defeated a Miyoshi army. In 1570 Katsuie ambushed the Rokkaku with Nobumori at Ochikubo, and then defeated the Rokkaku with his stirring charge at Chokoji, where he gained the name, the Oni Shibata. Some records say he was present at Anegawa, others say he was still at Chokoji, but if he was he was merely brushed aside by Endo Naotsune's charge, along with Hideyoshi, which is the first battle he was historically included in. Katsuie and Nobumori attempted the first disastrous attempt to take Nagashima in 1571, in which Katsuie was severely wounded. He was also present at the burning of Mount Hiei. He then defeated the Rokkaku for the last time at Namazue, 1573 in which they surrendered soon after. He was almost certainly present at the 4th siege of Odani, in which Nobunaga and company were forced to flee by the Asai.

He then continued in cleaning up the South, and when Akechi Mitsuhide had nominally taken some of Echizen, he was given it as his fief in 1573, along with his wife after Nagamasa's suicide. He then had to fight the Ikko-Ikki and Honganji for quite some time until he took control, the invaded the mighty Kaga Ikko-Ikki, at this point, he was helped by Sasa Narimasa, and Maeda Toshiie. He took a break to assist in the battle of Nagashino in 1575, then going back, only to have Kenshin to invade in 1577, and be defeated along with Nobunaga at Tedorigawa, only to have Kenshin die soon after. His second encounter with the Uesugi occurred in the victorious battle of Kanazawa Gobo, after he took advantage of Kenshin's death by taking Noto, and some of Etchu.

He finally eliminated the 100 year rule of the Kaga Ikko-Ikki by taking and taking back from them Toribe and Futoge in 1581 several times, before he started killing massive amounts of any ikko-Ikki he could find, and executed 300 captive Ikko-Ikki. Afterwards he helped Narimasa take important Etchu fortress Uzu in 1582, one day before Nobunaga's death at Honnoji, and was unable to leave to Yamazaki due to harsh Echizen winters and being in the middle of the siege of Matsukura castle the last border castle of Etchu into Echigo. When Matsukura was over he went to go to Kiyosu, and saw how things changed.

Hideyoshi, a big deal, and championing the infant son of Nobutada, Samboshi, while Katsuie said that the most capable out of the two brothers, Nobutaka, should become lord. Hideyoshi was obviously using Samboshi as a puppet, and soon after Katsuie organized an alliance of generals to help him. However, Nobutaka attacked Hideyoshi before Katsuie could help him due to snow, and was able to beat Nobutaka, and then Takigawa Kazumazu too was beaten, and once the snows melted in Echizen, Katsuie had Kaga veteran Sakuma Morimasa attack some of Hideyoshi's border forts, taking both of them, and then Katsuie told him to retreat back before Hideyoshi came. Morimasa estimated that Hideyoshi would take much longer than he thought to get there, and his troops were in disarray when Hideyoshi attacked at Shizugatake, and were defeated. When Katsuie say what was left of his men, he gathered them and went to Kitanosho, his main castle, and burned the castle, commiting suicide with his wife, Oichi in 1583.

Biography created by: lordshibata