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1547 - 1583

Appearances: Sengoku Musou (1,2), Sengoku BASARA (2NPC)

Sister of Oda Nobunaga, who is said to be reckoned for her beauty. When Nobunaga conquered Mino in 1567, he arranged an alliance to the Azai clan by marrying Ichi to Nagamasa in order to strengthen the alliance between Oda and Azai. Through Nagamasa, Ichi bore a son and three daughters.

Things wouldn't go well though, as when Nobunaga invades the 朝倉 Asakura, Nagamasa was more bound on the long-established Azai-Asakura alliance, thus breaking his pact with Nobunaga despite the marriage. Eventually, the Asakura were squashed, and Azai's Odani Castle was fully surrounded by the Oda. Nagamasa had no choice but to return Ichi and the three daughters to Nobunaga, while he and his son would commit seppuku inside the falling castle. Ichi was then married to Shibata Katsuie.

After Nobunaga's death, Hideyoshi and Katsuie had a contest for succession, which ended with the battle of Shizugatake and the loss of Shibata army. After locking himself in his Ichi no Tani castle, he begged Ichi to take her daughters away and leave. Ichi did send her daughters away, however she would stay in the castle, commiting seppuku together with Katsuie.

Her oldest daughter is 茶々 Cha-cha, who was also known as 淀殿 Yodo-gimi. She was Hideyoshi's favorite concubine who bore him 秀頼 Hideyori. The second one is お初 O-hatsu, who married 京極高次 Kyougoku Takatsugu, a loyal Oda retainer. The last one, お江 O-go, married 徳川秀忠 Tokugawa Hidetada and bore him the next Shogun, 家光 Iemitsu.