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1570? - 1633
Appearances: Onimusha (Shin)

The second daughter of Azai Nagamasa and O-Ichi. She was married to 京極高次 Kyougoku Takatsugu, an Oda retainer, and bore him two sons: 忠高 Tadataka and 高政 Takamasa.

During the Sekigahara campaign, the Kyougoku allied themselves with the Tokugawa clan of the Eastern army. This, added with the fact that Hatsu's older sister Cha-cha (Yodo-gimi) became the concubine of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, caused Hatsu to have connections with both of the clans, and eased her to act as a liaison between the two clans until in 1615 the Tokugawa exterminated the Toyotomi.

After her husband Takatsugu died in 1609, Hatsu took the name 常高院 Joukou-in.