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1535 - ????

Appearances: Sengoku Musou (1,2), Sengoku BASARA (1,2)

Her real name is 帰蝶 Kichou. 美濃蝮の娘 Daughter of the Mino Viper, 斉藤道三 Saitou Dousan. She was the official wife of Nobunaga. However, Nobunaga was said to not love her, and that she wasn't able to bore any children. Records about her death weren't clear though. Some said that she died alongside Nobunaga at Honnouji. Some other said she didn't and managed to live a bit longer than Nobunaga.

It is said that Nobunaga prefered one of his concubines, Kitsuno, who bore him sons like 信忠 Nobutada.

Fun Factoid: 蝶 Chou in 帰蝶 Kichou means "Butterfly". That should explain why in almost every games that featured her (Sengoku Musou; Kessen III; Sengoku Basara) she is symbolized with butterflies.