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毛利 元就
もうり もとなり
Mōri Motonari
1497 - 1571

Appearances: Sengoku BASARA (1NPC,2)

Daimyo of 安芸 Aki, a province of Chugoku region. He was considered one of the most formidable daimyos. Not only he was a cunning strategist, he was also a poet and patron to the arts.

The Mōri was once allied with the 大内 Oouchi clan until 尼子経久 Amago Tsunehisa came to invade Aki, when the Mōri would switch their allegiance - although for a short time. When the Mōri has made themselves one of the big clans in Aki, they returned to the Oouchi. Motonari created alliances with many strong Aki warlords, and even allowed the 吉川 Kikkawa to adopt 元春 Motoharu and 小早川 Kobayakawa to adopt 隆景 Takakage. In 1551 the 大内 Oouchi were destroyed by the rebellious 陶晴賢 Sue Harukata. 3 years later, Motonari would challenge Harukata by tricking him into executing one of his best retainers and luring his army to Miyajima, where his army would be destroyed by Mōri.

Motonari would retire in favor of his son 隆元 Takamoto. The Mōri then attempted to expand into Northern Kyushu -clashing with the 大友 Ootomo clan-, Iwami and Izumo provinces. However, during the campaign, Takamoto died in 1563, forcing Motonari to return as daimyo. When the Mōri had successfully conquered Izumo, Motonari would finally retire for good and leave the rest to his grandson 輝元 Terumoto.

Motonari was famous for his 三本の矢 Three Arrows quote. One day, he taught his three children (Takamoto, Motoharu & Takakage). After he had given them a piece of arrow for each, he ordered them to break the arrows, and they did it without any difficulties. Afterwards, he gave three pieces of arrows to each children. The three of them did the same, but were unable to break the three arrows. Motonari then said, "Although a single arrow is easily breakable, three arrows together are hard to break at the same time. When the three of you unite your strength, it will be hard for your enemies to defeat you."