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前田 慶次
まえだ けいじ
Maeda Keiji
1543 - 1612

Appearances: Sengoku Musou (1,2),Sengoku BASARA (2)

Also known as 前田利益 Maeda Toshimasu. Originally the son of 滝川益重 Takigawa Masushige (滝川一益 Takigawa Kazumasu's cousin), he was later adopted by 前田利久 Maeda Toshihisa, which was Maeda Toshiie's brother. However, he had an uneasy feeling with Toshiie. When Toshiie became the leader of the Maeda, he left the clan and became a ronin. Impressed with his skills, Naoe Kanetsugu of the Uesugi clan asked Keiji to join his army, to which Keiji accepted. That was why Keiji was seen fighting for the Uesugi during the Sekigahara campaign.

He was nicknamed 傾奇者 Kabukimono for being a strange man in terms of dressing, manners and such.