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Interested in the Sengoku Jidai? Try visiting these sites which are related to the period.

Samurai Archives (
The most comprehensive Sengoku information site in English. You can see clan genealogies, battle descriptions, daimyo maps and more on this site.

Heroes of Chaos - Japan (
A roleplaying board that takes place in the Sengoku period. With a systematized PHP, you can manage your character in a short time, giving you plenty of time to roleplay.
In this webpage, you can read the translation of the Orders for Peasants, a law code written by Naoe Kanetsugu.

Also, here are some sites in Japanese that can help you understand Sengoku Jidai more.
This site has a collection of clan crests, from the northernmost clans on Oushuu to the southernmost clans on Kyushu.

Got any interesting Sengoku Jidai websites to share? Let us know by sending an e-mail to or sending a PM to BlackKite at the KOEI Warriors Forum, and we will add your link to this page.