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石川 五右衛門
いしかわ ごえもん
Ishikawa Goemon
15?? - 1594
Appearances: Sengoku Musou (1)

天下の大泥棒 Tenka no Oodorobu (The Land's King of Thieves). He was once an Iga ninja, also said to be son of a minor retainer to the 三好 Miyoshi. However, after he was found commiting a petty theft, he escaped and became a bandit, or an 抜け忍 Nuke-nin (Rogue Ninja). He was captured in 1594 by the Toyotomi, and Hideyoshi ordered to execute him by boiling him alive in a pot of oil.

There are some legends about Goemon's theftry. Some said that he stole things to help out the poor ones. Some explained about his capture. Goemon was attempting to steal the legendary treasure 千鳥の香炉 Chidori no Kourou, which was located inside Hideyoshi's Osaka Castle. When he was about to get it, the treasure made a loud noise, waking everyone inside that castle.