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北条 氏政
ほうじょう うじまさ
Hōjō Ujimasa
1538 - 1590

Appearances: Sengoku BASARA (1NPC,2NPC)

The 4th daimyo of the Hōjō clan, owner of the famous 小田原 Odawara Castle. Son of 氏康 Ujiyasu, one of the greatest daimyos of the time. He made an alliance with the Takeda while sending reinforcements to 上杉影虎 Uesugi Kagetora (Who was his brother, 氏秀 Ujihide) who was fighting against Uesugi Kagekatsu in a civil war. However, the reinforcements didn't arrive in time, and after Kagetora's death, relation between the Hōjō and Uesugi worsened. Relation with the Takeda was also soured after the latter formed an alliance with the Uesugi. This resulted in some battles between the Takeda and Hōjō.

Hōjō would then join the Oda and Tokugawa in invading the weakened Takeda. However, tensions with the Oda would also increase, after the retainers captured some forts located in the Hojo territory. Ujimasa would regain them though after Nobunaga's death. He made a peace treaty with Ieyasu and alloted some land in Kai and Shinano. The Toyotomi who was near to the unification asked the Hōjō to surrender since 1588, but Ujimasa opposed that, although he had been urged by Ieyasu. Hideyoshi would finally invade Hōjō in 1590, besieging Odawara Castle. After the battle ended for the Toyotomi's victory, Hideyoshi would order Ujimasa and most of his retainers to commit seppuku.