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本願寺 顕如
ほんがんじ けんにょ
Honganji Kennyo
1543 - 1592

Appearances: Sengoku Musou (1NPC), Sengoku BASARA (2NPC)

Kennyo's real name was 顕如光佐 Kennyo Kousa. Son of 本願寺証如 Honganji Shonyo, the 10th leader of the Honganji clan and owner of the 石山本願寺 Ishiyama Honganji located near Osaka. Kennyo was the 11th leader of the sect.

The Honganji's relation with the Oda had been soured since Nobunaga entered Kyoto in 1568. Nobunaga then laid a siege on the Ishiyama Honganji in 1970 until the next 10 years. The Honganji had joined the anti-Oda coalition formed by the shogun of that time, Ashikaga Yoshiaki. Their allies were including the Takeda, Uesugi, Azai and Mouri. But unfortunately, those clans were defeated by the Oda one by one. Meanwhile, Uesugi Kenshin's death resulted in a civil war between his heirs, and the reinforcements from Mouri were decimated by the Oda at Kizugawa in 1578. Kennyo would then surrender in 1580. The complex was abandoned, but the temples in Kaga which were seized by Nobunaga were returned.

In 1587, Kennyo was dispatched by Hideyoshi to Kyushu to rally his supporters prior to Hideyoshi's invasion. In 1591, Hideyoshi finally permitted Kennyo to build a new Honganji facility in Kyoto. After Kennyo passed away, the Honganji would split into two divisions: The 東本願寺 East Honganji led by Kennyo's first son 教如 Kyounyo, and the 西本願寺 West Honganji led by third son 准如 Junnyo.