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風魔 小太郎
ふうま こたろう
Fuuma Kotarou
15?? - ????

Appearances: Sengoku Musou (2), Sengoku BASARA (2NPC)

Fuuma Kotarou was the leader of the Fuuma Ninja Clan, who loyally served the Houjou clan. His best deeds was when the Houjou fought the Takeda at 抗瀬川 Osegawa, where his ninja army had crossed the river and infiltrated the Takeda camp, causing a huge chaos. After Toyotomi's Campaign of Odawara which ended in the fall of Houjou, the Fuuma Ninja Clan was reduced to a band of wandering rogues.

There is a famous tale about Kotarou that he was the one responsible for the death of Hattori Hanzou, where he trapped Hanzou's ships on a channel and then setting fire on the channel with oil. However this tale isn't true as Hanzou died of old age.