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長宗我部 盛親
ちょうそかべ もりちか
Chôsokabe Morichika
1575 - 1615
Appearances: Kessen (1)
Note: Chôsokabe can be also written 長曾我部.

Chôsokabe Morichika was the fourth son of Chôsokabe Motochika, he was appointed heir of the Chôsokabe after the death of first son 長宗我部信親 Chôsokabe Nobuchika in 1587 and participated in Toyotomi's Odawara Campaign (1590). He joined the Western Army in the Sekigahara Campaign and commanded 6,600 men. Though he didn't see much action, and was afterwards disposed of his fief despite sending an apology note to Tokugawa Ieyasu. That same year, he had ordered the execution of his elder brother 津野親忠 Tsuno Chikatada, who had questioned his right to be the heir of Motochika. This execution could be one of the reasons Ieyasu stripped Morichika of his fief.

After Chikatada's death, Morichika lived peacefully in Kyoto until 1614, at which he decided to join the defenders of Osaka Castle, it is believed that he arrived there the exact same day as Sanada Yukimura had. The Chôsokabe army fought very bravely under Morichika in both the Winter and Summer Campaigns of Osaka. After the fall of Osaka, Morichika attempted to flee but was expected at Hachiman-Yama by Hachisuka men and was beheaded in Kyoto along with a number of his sons.

Biography created by: Shogun