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明智 秀満
あけち ひでみつ
Akechi Hidemitsu
1537 - 1582
Appearances: Onimusha (1,3,Buraiden)

Famously known by his title 左馬介 Samanosuke. He was the son-in-law of Akechi Mitsuhide because he married one of Mitsuhide's daughters.

During the Honnouji incident, Hidemitsu was supposed to urge Mitsuhide not to betray his lord Nobunaga, but ended up supporting him in the incident. He was given the task of guarding Azuchi Castle afterwards. When Mitsuhide was killed at the battle of Yamazaki, Hidemitsu retreated to 坂本城 Sakamoto Castle. Soon afterwards, the castle was besieged, presumably by Hori Hidemasa. Hidemitsu sent out valuable treasures of the castle, then committed seppuku together with his family inside the castle.

There is a famous legend that Hidemitsu crossed 琵琶湖 Lake Biwa alone on horseback when he retreated to Sakamoto Castle.